TASART 2018 - Winners and Judges Comments

40th TASART Exhibition 2018 Burnie City Council Award

No.1 Josh Foley  Ammonia Sunlight

Judges Comments

This painting is full of action with an energetic layered surface.  There is a sense of nature coming through with gritty acidic colours suggesting swirling liquid. There is an almost cynical view of nature’s interaction with human influences.  This is a worthy addition for the collection with a sophisticated understanding of style and technique.


 40thTASART Exhibition 2018

Burnie City Council Award  Highly Commended

No. 67 Melissa Smith Worlds within Worlds

Judges Comments

This stunning work has been beautifully handled with superb technique and allows the lines to lead the viewer on a journey through the work.


40th TASART Exhibition 2018 Adam Brook's MP Award

No. 15 Julia Rogers       YOLLA

Judges Comments

This beautiful painting has a lovely subtle limited colour palette and is well constructed in its use of tones and temperature.  The natural elements of mountain, forest and snow are suggested in a subtle abstracted way.

Adam Brook's MP.Award  Highly Commended

138 Joe Lake  Vincent

Judges Comments

This small work has a lovely relaxed feel combining line, colour and form with delightful effect.

40thTASART Exhibition 2018 Sassafras Farms Award

No. 78 John Cruden Light Rail

 Judges Comments

An exciting rendition of a complex subject, this painting draws the viewer in with the use of dramatic light and hard and soft edges.  The watercolour is handled with mastery and creativity allowing the viewer to explore the complex shapes.

Sassafras Farms Award Highly Commended

No. 28 Suzanne Hennessy  Paris Memories

Judges Comments

Lively use of line and washes combine in this Parisian scene, it is full of energy and has a lovely storytelling aspect.

40thTASART Exhibition 2018  Weller's Inn Award

No. 77 Nerissa Lea Three Quarter Moon in the Room

Judges Comments

This fascinating subject is full of symbolism with a very fine and monochromatic use of pastel. The textures on the moon are quite stunning

2018 Weller's Inn Award Highly Commended

No. 147 June Wilson Summer’s Last on Tarleton

 Judges Comments

A small work with a wonderful simplicity and drama.  The artist has captured the light radiating from behind the trees beautifully.

40thTASART Exhibition 2018 Roger Jaensch M.P Award

No. 143 Wayne Moore Grandads Corner

Judges Comments

Skilful drawing and understanding of tone sets this drawing apart.  The subject is complex and well designed with points of interior moving the eye around the work.

Roger Jaensch M.P.Award  Highly Commended

 No. 138 Bronwen Roberts-Thomson  Honesty

Judges Comments

Beautiful repeated natural shapes and a subtle almost monochromatic colour scheme create a contemplative beautiful image.

TASART Exhibition 2018

 Waratah Wynyard Council Award

No. 59 Eleanor Austin Fluid Sands

Judges Comments

The finger like tree roots make intriguing patterns drawing your eye to the mysterious darks.  A clever composition with lovely interactions between the shapes and a subtle colour palette

TASART Exhibition 2018 Anita Dow M.P.Digital Award

No. 131 Michelle Deehan  Bridestowe Lavender Farms

Judges Comments

This is a fresh portrayal of a natural scene with the shapes and colours combining to make a pleasing image

Anita Dow M.P.Digital Art Award Highly Commended

No. 26 Dean Holm In the Heat of the Moment

Judges Comments

A dramatic use of colour and shapes create a hectic and glowing piece.

40thTASART Exhibition 2018


Tasmanian Alkaloids Award

No. 97 Christine Mathews  My Space

Judges Comments

This exciting interior is full of familiar forms and uses touches of colour to move the eye around the painting.  Repeated shapes and line combine to make a very pleasing painting.

Tasmanian Alkaloids Award Highly Commended

No. 30 Kim Loughran In The Night Garden

Judges Comments

The ink patterns combine with subtle pencil drawing to create a wonderful complex, organic piece.

TASART Exhibition 2018 Jeremy Rockliff Patron's Award

 Name:No. 36 Wayne Edwards  Going for a snorkel

Jeremy Rockliff 40th TASART Special Patron's Award

Name:No. 41 Pauline Denny Tea for two


40thTASART Exhibition 2018

Lucia Leon , Carmen Reuter Award

No. 15 Bill Cotching Fractures and Fissures

Judges Comments

A beautifully constructed piece using well balanced glazes, line and cut outs to create an interesting and balanced form.

40thTASART Exhibition 2018

Lucia Leon , Carmen Reuter Award


No. 149 Lisa Jane de Boer 

Judges Comments

Soothing Circular shapes dominate the flowing form. The shadows within the piece add to the effect


40thTASART Exhibition 2018

Lucia Leon / Carmen Reuter Award  Highly Commended


No. 148 Judith Bakker  David Attenborough Image

Judges Comments

A striking facial form with a lovely presentation.


The Wealth Studio Award

Name:Brad Quinn                    Title:   Westbury

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